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The conduct of the Association shall be vested in a General Assembly together with a Board

1. By a General Assembly elected by members at the Annual General Meeting with a biennially elected chairman. The General Assembly meets a minimum of twice per annum.

This committee reviews all matter affecting G-ion, decides policy and its implementation through

  • The permanent General Secretary
  • The secretariat
  • The technical consultant
  • Sub committees and working product groups, as required.

The Board of the Association comprises three elected Members and is attended by the General Secretary, the Technical Committee Chair and Sector Group Chair(s) as required by the Board.

2. The technical committee consists of representatives of member companies; the chair for this group is nominated by the committee. Meetings are held four times a year. It discusses developments in and the implementation of legislation, health and safety, standards, codes of practice, etc. The committee publishes reports and makes recommendations to the executive.

3. A professional secretary is employed to administer and organize the activities of the Association.

4. A qualified consultant is retained to represent G-ion on other committees and to co-ordinate the dissemination of technical information, books and papers within the Association. The consultant provides technical advice and an information service for members.